Welcome to Matt's climbing site.

The most recent addition to the hiking journal is Mailbox Peak

The most recent addition to the Party Page is the Ellen's Birthday Hootenanny Part Duex

Most Recent Climbing addition: Mt Rainier '06

Most of my new reports have moved to my blog: http://offramp.exit83.com/blogs/mattk/default.aspx

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Mt. Rainier '95 Hiking Journal
Mt. Adams '97 Party Pages
Mt. Hood '98 Artzerounian Family Pix
Mt. Rainier Seminar '00 Winter Wuhoo '02
Mt. Rainier Seminar '01 Joshua Tree '02
Mt. Elbrus, Russia '01 Christmas in July
Mt. Adams, '01 Home
Ouray, Colorado '02 Monday Night Football
Mt. Baker '02 Cabo San Lucas
Ruth Mountain '02 Joshua Tree '03
Alps, Europe '02 Northern Europe '03
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania '02 Nevada Road Trip '03
Ouray, Colorado '03 Zermatt Wedding
Mt. St. Helens '03 Kauai Vacation '04
Ruth Mountain '03 NFC Divisional Playoff 2005
Gunks, New York '05 Super Bowl XL
Mt. Rainier '05 Cross Country Road Trip (day by day)
Ruth Mountain '06 Rio de Janeiro - New Years '07 pix
Mt. Rainier '06