Qwest Stadium, Seattle, WA -- Jan 08, 2005

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As most of my friends know, I'm a hardcore football fan, regardless of who is playing. Thus, I have season tickets to the Seattle Seahawks but my heart will always bleed black and gold.  This can be further evidenced by the inscription on my charter seat in Qwest Stadium . As true football fans, it is a requirement that we participate in some hardcore tailgating before each game.  Our tailgate usually consists of :

Usually, my beautiful wife Ellen joins me on these outings, but she was busy this day and one of my great friends, Chip joined us instead. Others joining us include Peaboy and Dawn plus Mike. Yes, Dawn is wearing a McNabb jersey, she's a fan of the Philthadelphia Iggles  We usually arrive at the stadium around 9:00 am, grab coffee at Zeitgeist and then begin setting up. It doesn't usually take too long until we are eatin' chili and watchin' football (usually morning games). After 4 hours of eating great food and consuming mass quantities of beer we queue up to enter the stadium. This week security was extra tight, so the lines were absurdly long (took us 20 minutes to maneuver thru the queue!) . This week was special as the Seahawks were playing the St. Louis Rams in the NFC Playoffs which is a precursor to the Superbowl. As usual, our seats provide an incredible view of the action (zoomed in ), but unfortunately, it wasn't long til the Rams scored a touchdown. (video - remember videos take a long time to load, so be patient). Finally, the Seahawks got the ball and moved it downfield for a score (video). It looked like a we had a see-saw battle on our hands. This game was being broadcast nationally so the ever present skycamTM which provided great views to the home audience and the stadium crowd . At halftime, there was a show of dueling drum bands which included the UW marching band vs. the Seahawk band "Blue Thunder" . The second half was pretty much the same as the first - a see-saw battle. In the end, the Seahawks had an opportunity to tie the game with a touchdown on the last play...but the ball was dropped by the receiver.  The Seahawks lost a heartbreaker, 27-20 and were out of the playoffs. I was slightly sad, but I knew my Steelers were still in contention. Did I mention that I have tickets to see the Steelers play in the Superbowl in Jacksonville? If you have tickets too, I'll see you there!