Japanese Sake Party -- Jan 14, 2005

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Each month, Ellen and I have an alcohol themed party at our house. We've had parties that consisted of a specific wine to parties that were nothing but tequila. Well, this past weekend ,we decided it was time to try Sake.  I'm not going to comment too much as I was pretty much hammered for most of the night to keep an accurate track of things.

We started the evening innocent enough . Eventually, people began arriving   and the sake started fhighing.  What was great about this party, was that we didn't really tell anyone to bring food or dress up, but they did it anyway. The food that was consumed was interesting... did anyone ever determine the difference been Pocky and Men's Pocky? Ken decided to bring a monster bottle of Sake that we had to warm up. Before long, most of us were tipsy , though I think Mike was a little more gone than most. Given the amount of alcohol consumed, people began finding ways to ...ahem... entertain themselves. (on advice of council, I've removed this photo) Of course, board games are much more fun when you are buzzing on a tasty beverage. . As usual, a good time was had by all.