Mt. Rainier, July 1995

In July 1995, I attempted my very first summit when I joined Microsoft's yearly charity event on Mt. Rainier known as The Climb. The Climb benefits the Mt. Rainier and Olympic Fund, and they usually get guest guides to lead the group up the mountain.

We were exceptionally fortunate that we had both Lou Whittaker


seen here at Camp Muir,  and Gombu Sherpa (short guy in the middle) as two of our guides  .

Gombu was the first person to summit Everest twice and is a cousin of Tenzing Norgay. Lou Whittaker is famous for making the first American ascent of the North Col of Everest. Both are legends in the mountaineering world.

Bad weather prevented us from reaching the top, but we had fun nonetheless.

This trip really inspired me to become a mountaineer, and I was hooked at what would become my passion.


It took me 5 more years until I reached the summit, but it was worth it.