Lake Como, Italy July 9 - 12, 2004

(all pictures are low res, for high res click here)

Panaormic pic of Lake Como from the northern end of the lake.

Truth be told, we didn't actually start our honeymoon at Lake Como. We first took a train from Zermatt to Milano Centrale, where we walked past the Milan Duomo to find our hotel, the Hotel Spadari . Our room was OK , not great, but we were just spoiled from the elegance of the Zermatterhof in Zermatt. The staff was super nice, and the gave us a bottle of champagne to commemorate our wedding. Before going to dinner, we walked around Milan a little, did some window shopping at the high end fashion outlets and finally came back to the Duomo to take a few more pix   We also got a cute video of kid screaming at the piegons (be patient, videos take a long time to download!) The next day, we headed to Europcar to pick up our VW Passat for our journey across Italy.

Finally, we began that Italian pastime that can loosely be described as driving, but more closely resembles a drunk playing golf (i.e. all over the fairway). It took me a while to adapt to the randomness of the driving, as driving laws are not really enforced as far as I can tell. Lane markers are merely suggestions.

Well after an adventure from driving out of Milan, we headed the 1 hour north to Como , to the Hotel Villa Flori which was located just south of Cernobbio on the shores of Lake Como . Here's the spectacular view from our terrace. . Later on we headed out to dinner, and drove up to Cernobbio where we had dinner at this perfect resturante. The great thing about this place was that all of the other resturants required reservations, so we drove to the very end of the village where we found this pizzeria called "La Sosta". As it turned out, it was a local hangout place, and we were the only non-Italians there. The meal was great, and we ended up learning some new Italian over the course of the meal. Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel where I took this great pic from our balcony.

The next morning, we took the ferry from Como to Bellagio (no not the hotel, the village ) where we walked around the beautiful pedestrian cobblestone streets . There were a few spots where you could stop and get a view of the mountains and water as well .

On the last day, we revved up the car ato drive up the western coast of Lake Como, which was an incredible adventure. A lot of the roads were single lane or very narrow 2 lanes and would wind its way thru little villages. It was always interesting to deal with oncoming traffic that is headed straight for you, and you have no where to turn. On top of this little escapade, it decided to rain. Yuk. Anyway, we made it up to a random road that took us up one of the mountains, which is how I took the panoramic shot at the top of this page. We also found random monuments along the way, .

On the return trip south to Como, we stopped in Menaggio for some lunch, where we stumbled upon a neat little market selling clothing, Italian meats and candy . Lastly, we strolled thru the village a little more , but once we reached our car, we were soaking wet.

From Como, we headed to our next major destination, Tuscany.