Tuscany, Italy July 13 - 15, 2004

(all pictures are low res, for high res click here)

The next stop for our honeymoon thru Italy took us to Tuscany just south of Siena. After yet another 4 hour driving adventure, we finally reached our destination at the Villa dei Lecci, an Italian villa dating back to 800 A.D. . The villa is stuck in the middle of vineyards , and featured some really cool artwork.. Since it was hot outside, we were fortunate to have the yellow suite on the first floor.   . The walls were covered by letters from inhabitants of the house from the early 1600's . The backyard included a couple of gardens   where we had an amazing dinner one night that gave us a tremendous sunset . I also made a new friend with their dog Poldo. (video of me playing with Poldo).

Our first day of wine touring  took us north of Siena to the Chianti region, where we had the pleasure of trying a bunch of Chianti Classico's. Our first stop took us to a small winery called Malpensata,  just outside of Radda in Chianti. We spoke to a very nice italian woman who had us try 4 different types of wine, our favorite being a simple Chianti Rosso. She also let us walk around the grounds where we took some amazing photos including the one at the top of this page. , After the wine we headed into Radda, viewed a coat-of-arms wall , and then grabbed some lunch. . After lunch we had reservations at the huge winery of San Felice , so we headed down tiny roads south  til we got there. During the tour, we went into the cellar to check out these HUGE wine barrels made out of Slovenian oak.

We ended our wine touring early to head into Siena to see the sights, including the art , Piazza Il Campo (video of the Piazza), the Duomo and of course shopping.

The next day we headed south to the villages of Montalcino (check out this awesome panoramic shot of the entire village ) and Montepluciano. Montalcino is known for it's Brunello's and we stopped at a small winery called La Mannella where a 10 year old served us some scrumptous wine. Yummy... then we headed to the village for some lunch .

After lunch we drove  to Montepluciano where we found Canneto winery. Again, the owners were incredibly friendly and we had a lot of fun tasting wine with them.

For our last night in Tuscany, we went back to Siena so that we could get some more grubbin' food and this time we didn't mess around - we got honest to goodness Pizza! As luck would have it, the local symphony was serenading us for dinner. .

The next day, we packed our things and headed to Portofino.