Zermatt, Switzerland July 8, 2004

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The story of our wedding really begins in Geneva, Switzerland. This is where Ellen and I started our quest to get married, we spent the afternoon and evening there before taking the train to Zermatt. When we finally got to Zermatt, , we quickly took some photos of the Matterhorn  because we knew that we might not see it again for the whole trip, and unfortunately, we were correct! Ellen and I checked into our hotel, the Hotel Perren where we had the Matterhorn Suite. Here's a short video of our room (remember, videos will take a LONG time to download, so please be patient!), plus a short video of the view off of our terrace. Elle and I had an extra day to do some sight seeing in Zermatt, so we hiked up to the Moos Restaurant for lunch. And when I say we hiked, we literally hiked, it took us a good amount of time to get to this restaurant which was in the middle of nowhere. . That afternoon after lunch I took the underground mountain train to Sunnegga, where I decided to hike back down to Zermatt, as the signs told me the hike was only 75 minutes. As I learned right away, those times are all relative depending on which route you took, eventually every sign pointed to Zermatt , so the hike really took me about 2.5 hours. However, along the way the hike went thru tiny mountain villages which were basically deserted because the weather was so bad. So I kept hiking along til I reached a rock climbing wall which overhung the valley , and then I found the Matterhorn training route. Finally, I figured I should really find Zermatt again, so I followed a narrow trail which led me to a road that took me back to the village.

All the guests  showed up in Zermatt the next day, so we figured it was time to show them a real Swiss meal. We decided to take the guests to the Hotel Julen for some cheese fondue. . After fondue, we went for the obligatory drinks the night before the wedding.

On to the wedding day....