Zermatt, Switzerland July 8, 2004 (continued, part 4)

(all pictures are low res, for high res click here)

After we took the train back down to Zermatt, I had the hotel bring its horse drawn carriage to pick us up. Yet again we were treated like royalty. . At the Zermatterhof  , we hosted a small cocktail reception ,which was followed by a few extra pix , then a 4 course dinner.. At dinner, I let everyone in on Ellen's little secret. Here's the same picture, with the mouth zoomed in....notice the evil smiley on her tongue piercing. (I touched it up a little bit to add emphasis)

The dinner menu:

Beef Carpaccio Swiss Prim on rocket salad, vegetable compote and Parmesan Cheese


Madras curry soup with coriander and rose Chile shrimps


Oven-roasted loin of veal

Potato-Gnocchi with pumpkin-seeds

Various Vegetables


Two coloured chocolate terrine on raspberry sause and itís berries with Williamine


Finally, we said our good-bye's and went to bed. . The next morning, I took a bunch of photos of the room to remember how awesome it was. I also took one video of the view and one video of the room. We all got together for one last coffee , then it was off to Milan and our honeymoon.