Zermatt, Switzerland July 8, 2004 (continued, part 2)

(all pictures are low res, for high res click here)

The wedding day began with me and Peaboy wondering about the weather , and if we should go with Plan A (Riffelberg) or Plan B (a local chapel). After much debate, it was decided to go with Plan A, even if it were raining... :-) Anyway, I had other things to do, as I had to make sure everything was ready for the after wedding events, so I checked in officially to the Zermatterhof. Turns out the room was ready, so I got a sneak peak at our honeymoon suite and the 3 terraces, but more on that later. 

Finally, the festivities were beginning. Our photographer Shawna was ready , and Peaboy had the rings. Now only if the weather would cooperate -- we took a few photos inside in hopes the rain would stop. .

There was no stopping the rain, but we had to go as our horse drawn carriage was waiting. Turns out the carriage was to take us for a tour of the village and to meet the civil servant who would do the official wedding ceremony, but believe it or not we got stuck in a traffic jam in Zermatt! We were 10 minutes late, so the tour would have to wait. Our driver took us to the the main square in front of the central church where the rest of the group was waiting for us. The carriage dropped us off, and we met with the civil servant who officially wed us. After this service, we finally got a chance to tour the village in our horse drawn carriage, where there were tons of tourists offering their best wishes in about 5 different languages (anyone know Japanese?) . . After our tour, which included a run in with goats , we headed to the train station to depart for Riffelberg. At the station, we viewed a model of the Riffelberg hotel and chapel. . Before long, our train showed up and we were on our way ...Ellen used this time to change into more comfortable boots. Within 20 minutes, we were above the tree line and that's when it really started raining.

Bring on the rain and the ring...