Zermatt, Switzerland July 8, 2004 (continued, part 3)

(all pictures are low res, for high res click here)

Finally, we made it to our mountain destination, 8500 ft above sea level in the heart of the Alps. The rain decided to hit us as we left the train station to hike to the Riffelberg Chapel. As we made it to the chapel, everyone was thoroughly soaked, but damn it was fun. It was ridiculous to see us all dressed up hiking this trail in the middle of a rain storm. . After we all got our bearings it was time for the ceremony to commence. (video) . As we began our vows, it was apparent that I made a few typos, and Ellen had to correct them on the fly. It was funny, and she did a great job of covering it up. As we said the vows, the weather instantly got worse, as if the mountain was providing its approval. (video). . With that we were married! Now it was time for the obligatory wedding photos.

After the ceremony, we headed to the Riffelberg Hotel for a few drinks and to wait out the rain. .

As luck would have it, the sun broke for a few moments, so Ellen and I ran outside for some great photos with the mountains.

Eventually, it was time to head back to the train station, and of course the weather picked up again. . Once we got there,   the rain stopped for a bit, and I headed outside to have some fun. . After a few minutes, it was time for the train to show up so I told everyone to join me outside where it was very windy.   (this pic is one of my favorites) . The train showed up and we were on our way back to Zermatt.

Food, folks and fun in Zermatt...