Christmas in July, Mt. Rainier -- July 4, 2002

(all pictures are low res, for high res click here)

In the spirit of Santarchy and SantaCon, I thought it would be kind of cool to celebrate Christmas on the 4 of July. Most people have BBQ's and go swimming... I on the other hand can't get enough of the mountains, so I just HAD to play in the snow. Our adventure took us to Mt. Rainier, where we planned on doing some tubing.

We started the day with 2 Santa's and 4 elves. Todd and I were Santa, and the elves at the start were Michelle, Joanne and her 2 kids. As the day progressed, Chris showed up (he got lost and ended up at Sunrise), as did Sergio, Michelle Lai, and Tatiana.

We started up for the first run where Santa had an easy time going down the slopes . However, it quickly became clear that innertubes were just not stupid enough. Thank god we stole some trays from the Microsoft cafeteria , so we could practice one of my school's traditions. However, the trays were not as successful as I had hoped. The other santa thought he'd give the tubing a try too. Idiocy was the cause of the day, so it became necessary to try an even higher run. We coined this run the "idiot run" as there was a ton of trees found at the bottom of the run, which had to be avoided otherwise you'd get seriously hurt. Finally Chris showed up and had a try , he got to be our guinea pig, as I had built a wall to deflect people from hitting the trees. Turns out the wall wasn't that effective. Santa had to keep trying out the run even when it wasn't that successful, it was still fun -- here Toddy Claus wipes out. To maintain our level of idiocy, Matty Claus and Toddy Claus decided to try a duo run , however we had to have someone catch us at the bottom -- which became Chris's job.  After all that climbing and tubing, Santa was tired we all got together for a good North Pole Cookout

(Props to Michelle for taking all of the pictures for me!)