Maha'ulepu Beach Trail, Kauai, Hawaii -- Dec 30, 2004

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During our trip to Kauai, overcast skies brought us to a little known beach trail found in Poipu, called the Mana'ulepu Beach Trail. We drove down a dirt road to find this somewhat secluded beach - video takes a long time to download, be patient -  (secluded in Kauai means there aren't more than a couple dozen people using the beach) to have fun snorkeling and eat our lunch of  Laulau and Kauain pork. . After a little fun lounging around, we headed on our trek. The hike took us down the beach to  various outcroppings of lavarocks where we could view marine life up close.

After we got our fill of marine life and the cloud covered views , we headed up the trail   to the lava ridges .  To our delight, the ridges were surrounded by meadows that made us feel like we were in the mountains -- it was quite surreal. As we started climbing the ridges we were amazed at how the ocean had carved the lava and stone into these amazing shapes. The other great added treat to this hike, was the fact that we've been having tropical storms on Kauai, so the surf had been higher than usual. The water was beating against the rocks (video) with incredible force . We hiked up a little higher and continued to gaze at the incredible force of the pacific ocean. (video) . We continued to be awed by the views of the mountains as well as the views of the sculpted lava.

This was an amazingly special hike for Elle and I, and if you are in Kauai, you need to make time to experience this adventure. It is definitely worth your time.