Camp Muir, Mt. Rainier National Park,  Washington -- June 16, 2002

(all pictures are low res, for high res click here)

This is going to be a shorter than normal report as most everyone has climbed to Camp Muir, on Mt. Rainier.  Accompanying me this week was Chris Hahn (seen here on Mt. Adams) on his annual trek to the starting point for most Mt. Rainier summit attempts.

As we started climbing, we were already cold since we were still below the cloud level , but as we climbed higher we eventually warmed up. As you can see the route was well marked, as the National Park Service had put wands along the entire route.  Once we reached Panorama Point (6800 ft), we were finally above the clouds and Mt. Adams became visible. We carried on to Anvil Rock (9200 ft), where I took the picture shown at the top of this page. Then we started to cross the Muir Snowfield and the world's most annoying optical illusion. If you've ever climbed to Camp Muir, you know that the hike along the snowfield takes forever, even though you seem like you are on top of the camp the entire time. Amazingly we reached Camp Muir in a total 4 hours from Paradise! Once we were at the camp (10,080 ft) we ate lunch (copper river salmon), froze our butts off, took a couple pictures (another one of Mt. Adams , one of some climbers coming down from the summit crossing the Ingram Glacier ) and headed back down. 

Finally, as we left the park we had to stop and get lattes. I usually stop at the Copper Creek Inn, not because they have good coffee, but because I think the driftwood alphabet hanging on their building is so weird.