Talapus Lake and Olallie Lake, Washington -- April 4th, 2004

(all pictures are low res, for high res click here)

Yesterday, Ellen informed me that she wanted to go hiking on Sunday, however she didn't want a hike that was "up", so I told her to find a hike that suited her, so she chose Talapus Lake and Olallie Lake.  At first glance, we both thought this hike would be easy , however as we quickly learned, what is easy in the summer is not as easy in the winter.

As we began our so called easy quest, the trail lollygagged along , slowly putting us in a zen like trance . After 2 miles of hiking on dirt and snow ,  we finally reached our first lake, Talapus Lake (also seen above) . We stopped for a few more photos , and then we decided to head on up to Olallie Lake -- thinking it should take us no time to get there. Little did we know that in the winter, most people stop at Talapus Lake, and hence there was no trail to be found. Muhahaha! We looked all around, and finally decided to find a stream and bushwack up the side of the mountain. After about 30 minutes of my lousy routefinding and bushwacking we finally stumbled upon this bridge , and looked up and located this sign! Yay, we were on the trail again. After another 15 minutes of hiking, we reached Olallie Lake and were the only ones there!

For lunch we chowed on some hummus from Karam's and a few oranges. Ellen brought some field roast as well... Do yourself a favor, don't eat that shit, its nasty. We lay in the sun for about an hour and then headed back down. On the way down, I did the usual thing where I take artsy photos .

All in all, this was a lot more fun that I had anticipated. Just remember to only hike this trail in the early spring, as most people won't go to the higher lake, and you'll have it all to yourself.