Sol de Mayo -- Santiago, Mexico Jan 02, 2003

(all pictures are low res, for high res click here)

During our stay in Cabo San Lucas, we decided to go on an adventure. After looking at many different books at Casa Contenta we decide to consult Lonely Planet's book on Baja California. It pointed to an out of the way place known as Sol de Mayo, which was just west of Santiago. To get there you have cross the Tropic of Cancer where there is a big ball monument marking its existence . I haven't found any other information on this hike except in the Lonely planet book, but I do know it is part of a the Sierra de la Laguna reserve initiated by UNESCO.

Once at the trailhead, we began our hike down into the valley and the view kept getting better and better as we hiked along. The hike is not all that long, but it does requre some class 3 or 4 rock scrambling. Once at the bottom , we contemplated what to do. I decided to be dumb and jump right in the freezing water. (You will need Windows XP or Quicktime to watch the videos. Be patient, it takes a long time for the videos to download -- even on a broadband connection.) Meanwhile, as Elle contemplated swimming, she took more pictures of the waterfalls and another video. I jumped out of the freezing water to warm my fat butt up. After I got out, I realized that I had my wallet still in my pants (doh!) so I laid out all my money and it was dry within minutes! Our climb back up the trail was not that bad as we were both dry by the time we reached the car. Once there, we headed to Aqua Caliente, but it was no where near as fun as this hike.