Pushwalla Pass, Joshua Tree, Mar 23, 2002

(all pictures are low res, for high res click here)

A couple of us spent the next couple days hiking. The first day's hike, which was about 6+ miles, was Pushwalla Pass, a relatively unused trail found at the end of Geology Tour Road. . The hike is moderate terrain that ends with a final push up to Pushwalla Pass at 5100 ft. Along the way there are some really cool artifacts (like this miner's well ) and some amazing plant life .

2.5 miles into the hike, we decided to veer from the trail and follow an old unmarked trail up the side of the adjacent hill. To our surprise we stumbled upon on an old miner's camp and another well which was being christened by Aaron providing us with his best Nixon imitation. Along the way we also found some bones of a deer.

The views from the pass were magnificent , and I had one of my more creative moments when I compiled the panoramic shot seen above and a second less detailed one. After spending some time chowing down a PB & J sandwich and freezing my butt off, I hiked back down the trail. Along the way we found some more joshua trees .

Finally, we reached the bottom again and started our trek back to the main road via Bent's super SUV . Along the way we found some cool ass rocks, especially this group that seemed to be so pissed at us that it had to give us the finger. We also found one of the biggest joshua trees we had seen on the whole trip, so I asked Bent, Amy, Laura, Aaron and Chris to let me take a group photo of them in front of it. All in all this was a very fun hike, and I'm glad we spent the time to do it.