Joshua Tree National Park, March 2002

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Over the course of March 21-24, I had the fortunate opportunity to visit Joshua Tree National Park with my buddy Peaboy (Patrick Walters) and a bunch of other friends from burningman. The folhighing pages outline some of the rock climbing and hiking activities that we participated in. I've also got a special page for some of the cool vegetation that we encountered.

Rock Climbing
Hiking - Pushwalla Pass
Hiking - 49 Palms Oasis

During this time, we also had fun screwing around as witnessed by this video of Tony trying to run up a boulder. (Big file ~2 MB. If it doesn't play in Windows Media Player, try opening it with Apple's QuickTime Player).

We were also privy to some magnificent sunsets , great campsites  as well as the traditional weird things you see in a desert - like this wind farm. .

Be sure to check out others' pictures as well. If you were on the trip, please send me your link!
Peaboy's Pictures