Ice Climbing in Ouray, CO  Jan28-Feb02, 2002

All photos are high res, so they are rather large. For a low res version, click here.

Info about the trip can be found at

I've also included 2 videos as well. Video of the climbing park, and one of Mike singing. If you have a broadband connection, you can download all the photos at once, but it is huge ~ 100 MB. Click here.

New photos have been added ! -- 2/20/2002

ouray 001

view from plane

ouray 002

getting ready for South Park

ouray 003

First Day of climbing

ouray 004

Geo show us how it is done

ouray 005

South Park

ouray 006

Blake climbing

ouray 007

My first route

ouray 008

Stop for lunch, watch others

ouray 009

I'm climbing!

ouray 010

Others climbing

ouray 011

Day 2's walls

ouray 012

More ice

ouray 014

Me in front of rustic ice

ouray 015

Me using the French technique

ouray 016

Climb On!

ouray 017

One tool, practice footwork

ouray 018

More footwork

ouray 019

Random climbers

ouray 020

Rex? Climbing

ouray 021

Making my way to the cave

ouray 022

My Kodak moment

ouray 023

Trying to maneuver around

ouray 024

Ice breaking on me

ouray 025

Blake and Joe

ouray 026

Random Climbers

ouray 027


ouray 028

Challenging Route

ouray 029

Dangerous route

ouray 030

Blake making tracks

ouray 031

Advanced group

ouray 032

Crazy climbing

ouray 033

View around Ouray

ouray 034

My Elbrus guide, Luis

ouray 035

More around Ouray

ouray 036

Joe Climbing

ouray 037

Men's Journal Cover

ouray 038

Carl gettin ready

ouray 039

Chris and Jake belaying

ouray 040

Carl kickin' booty

ouray 041


ouray 042

Keep going Carl

ouray 043

Me climbing at Skylights area

ouray 044

Just before I fell

ouray 045

Carl makes this climb look easy

ouray 046

Rex getting ready

ouray 047

I'm finally warm

ouray 048

Rex going higher!

ouray 049

Higher still!

ouray 050

Top of the column

ouray 051

Joe going for it

ouray 052

Jake leading another route

ouray 053

Mike singing country songs

ouray 054

Jake and his girlfriend

ouray 061

Snuffles range

snuffles range


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