Monday Night Football Oct 2002, Pittsburgh

PNC Park

Heintz Field

The Bus

Great Hall

pittsburgh 032

Dan Rooney and Bradshaw


pittsburgh 053

Joe Greene

Jack Ham

Mel Blount

Terry Bradshaw

Franco Harris

Jack Lambert

Chuck Noll

Mike Webster

Lynn Swann

John Stallworth

Rocky Blier

Tunch Ilkin

Dwight White

Make Wagner/Donnie Shell

SuperBowl XIV

SuperBowl XIII

SuperBowl X

SuperBowl IX

Aren't they cute?




Blurry City

Before the game

Full Moon

John Madden

Terrible Towels

Bradshaw captain

pittsburgh 091

pittsburgh 092

pittsburgh 093

pittsburgh 094

pittsburgh 097

Videos -- All are WM 8 or QuickTime -- Each will take a long time to download

Dan Rooney introduces Terry Bradshaw Fans Cheer Terry Bradshaw Terry's favorite Steeler game
Lambert's Teeth Pampered Quarterbacks Fans cheer Terry at the coin toss
Quick clip of Bradshaw's film at halftime Bradshaw get commemorative jersey Stadium fans cheer Terry